Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the latest

led from china, nice and cheap no p&p, blue tucked up into the SLD rail,

and red one for just above the sliding step for when wild camping to give a little light but not to light up the whole area.

left. the latest pic, incl the spice rack Sal wanted july 2010
Tv top left corner on bracket.

the straps for the sandles

the raised floor at the back, is split into two, front and back, back for ramps etc, front for tins and crusty bread and its slightly cooler in there, bread last longer and a new door fitted.

seats now covered in green material.

blue led light on

as usual a selfbuild is never finished, its just waiting to be modified.


  1. I love all those possibilities! You'll have to post what you did with that camper!

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  2. its now mid 2013, still enjoying camping anywhere and every where