Sunday, 25 July 2010

The start

I've only just found out how to do this blog thing so, have created this to show how and what we've done.

So unfortunately this Blog has been started after the near completion of our van, a Ducato Maxi 2.8 Non turbo, in its previous life a transport ambulance with 9 seats and a large wheel hair lift, oxygen cylinder, and associated pipes and masks etc.

The ducato conversion came about after we had a lovely camping trip (Meet) with the self build club, On the return trip home our previous van called Murtle a Rapid response Ambulance (pictured), on a 3ltr petrol/LPG ford transit base, suffered a very frightening engine fire which burnt out the van, we was only 30 miles from home and it was pouring down with rain.

luckily, noone was hurt and the insurance company paid out in full within weeks, enabling us to start the hunt for a new camper conversion

we still do miss our old Murtle, she had everything need for great hols and getaways, she loved scrambling around Cumbria,

the drop down bed above stored neatly away above the front seats, for our daughter.

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