Wednesday, 28 July 2010

spending spree, 1st of many


now the van had been cleared internally, we needed to get parts to fit. ebay came into play a lot as a cheap source of goodies for our van, and so did Magnum motorhomes in grimsby.
SPEND. SPEND.SPEND. luckily for us we have made some really good friends within the Self build club, who very kindly gave us loads of bits and pieces, and some even travelled up to help us with some of the build.

within a few weeks we had accuired, wall lining, thetford manual, shower tray, showerroom sink unit, and a whole host of other goodies.

so the build really began.

its quite scary just how many wires you can find lurking in the body work of an ambulance. so i added some more.

we could now plan just exactly what we wanted for our layout. and work out how to get three births and three travel seats without using a fixed front double.

we eventually found two swivel seats for the pricely sum of £60.00 if I remebr rightly, out of a citreon alambra(not sure on the spelling) in a scrap yard near norwich, two hour drive, but a good reason for a day out. now these unfortunaley wouldn't ust slot in, so I enlisted a friend with an arc welder, and we made a frame for each seat and mounted them in the front, also made a frame for the saved belted seat from the ambulance and mounted this by the side loading door, this one was a little trickier as it needed to be the same height as the battery box and passenger seat, when swivelled to make a bed for our daughter to sleep in. more luck than judgment I think, it worked, pics later.

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