Sunday, 25 July 2010

a new beginning

very quickly we found the van for our next conversion a 2000 Ducato Maxi 2,8 transport ambulance.
a few reasons for wanting an ambulance,
the rear is partly if not fully insualted for you.
there is often a mass of 12volt electrical wires running front to back of teh body, that you can re-use, there is already a inner skin, saving a small fortune on internal building, so you can just glue wall lining to it. easy....

we drove for two hours to collect her, as we were soooo excited about having our new van and not wanting to get home too quickly, we decided that we would go for fish and chips in Lowerstoft, Norfolk, which would mean an extra couple of hours driving around in her.

On route we were mazed at how many Ambulance and police cars would pass and wave at us....then we realized of course they would as we still had all the Ambulance Livery on. quit enjoyed that but did feel a little guilty.

thes epics show just after the ambulance livery wa removed except teh green stripes.

after a little struggle all the seats(except one) , disable lift, oxygen bottle and pipes, had been removed and sold, which added much needed funds to the build fund, allowing us to look for even more goodies to install in our soon to be motorcaravan.

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