Wednesday, 28 July 2010

&& more build

a veiw from the open back doors, the raised floor in the middle gives us storge for the ramps and a small tool box,

the carpet is temporary.

the cushions have since been altered, and memory foam added, and the whole thing covered in a green cover.

just about see the fridge, under sink on the left.

a pic of the shower room, the holes have been cut in the floor to accomodate two shower try outlets, but not fully fitted yet.

also the thetford has been changed for an electric one.

a Fiamma F45 3.5mtr awninghas been attached to the roof using two specific brackets for the f45 that bolt onto the lugs ontop of the ducato and two brackets for a F65 that has been modified in the middle of the awning.


  1. You definitely made good use of the space in your RV! I like the idea that you raised the floor for storage purposes. I think you can also use the bottom of the sofa or bed for additional storage, which you can use for storing larger items. Overall, your RV is looking great and very comfortable.

    -Rosalinda Rudloff

  2. i am very sorry, not been updating for a very long time, under the seat next to the sink access is via two flap doors and one large opening when rear doors open, this area is sealed off so a larger stand alone awning can be put and if wet hopefully won't leak into the smaller storage area in the middle, used the van for about three years now, so far no leaking....

    the area under the seats at the back next to the cooker, is split up for clothes storage with a shelf for socks etc, and by the back door is an area with securing straps for two 6kg propane bottles, also if you leave your beer or wine in this compartment the gas bottles chill you drinks nicely

  3. Great looking van. What make/model is the toilet? Do you have a gray tank somewhere for the shower/sink?