Wednesday, 28 July 2010

building, building, building

After gluing the wal lining on to most of the wall sand ceiling, except teh shower, needed to decide just what we wanted.

A shower toilet, clothes hanging space, room for a compressor fridge, sink, oven, microwave, hob.
three travel seats, three births, seating area at rear to lounge around in. storage area for the driveaway awning, and walking gear, as well as storage for clothes, food etc etc.

wanting to keep the weight down, we decided to make our own 15mm walls, from cut down soft wood9mm, and sandwich this between two 3mm docrative lightweight ply, from magnums, a lot bought cheap because it had corners bashed off etc, but I didn't need them so wasn't a problem,

in fact we had bought nearly our stuff brand new but slightly damage/repairable, and again saved a small fortune.

first to be built was the shower/toilet walls, but before we were able to do this we had to know where to place the thetford, as we didn't want the hatch to foul a suport or upright, so few exploratory holes were drilled first, then the hatch was cut out using a a 1mm disc cutter, easy with GRP.
first we made a cradboard template as the roof and walls were all at differing angles, only draw back from not lining your own interior walls and ceiling.

and here is the wife Sal measuring up, ready to glue the 9mm studs.

i've never been so happy to look at a toilet hatch, strange innit. you can also see the wool type material that has been used to insulate the van walls.

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