Wednesday, 28 July 2010

more build

had a 3 way in the last van, it didn't like being off level, 12v whilst travelling wasn't vry good at keeping temp, and in the end it ws tempramental, or just mental, worked when it wanted to.
so opted for a nice big compressor fridge, and boy was it worth it, we take choc ices and ices cream with us all the time now.

anyway, because of the shower room being quite big, had to put the sink above the fridge, but its boxed in, this ha made the ink a little high but not a problem as only washing up for a very short time.

built the seat boxes to the back of the van, to make the double bed, usd slats but made them into two sliding parts, so you can pull the smaller one over and use it as U shaped seating or for lounging, both out and base made of springy slats for bed, below this is the area for the wet gear and awning etc, added acces doors from inside the van eventually, saved opening the rear doors to look for something.

on the other side the seat box houses the gas locker at the very rear then clothes storage area,
then the cooker unit.

the worktop is a piece of mermaid board used for board areas like swimming pool changing rooms etc, and the darker splash back is used for making fire hearths and surrounds, had it left over from teh house.

next is a small storage area for bottles etc, then the third travel seat.

small gallery for exiting SLD, then battery box, behind teh passenger seat. with welded frame to position it to teh right height, then boxed in o look better. provides extra storage anyway

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